day 2 year 2

When we live in our heads, we rely on our ego to get us what we want and we disregard and isolate from anything that doesn’t fit our plan.

It leads to a very narrow one-dimensional search for more and more.

In contrast, when we reach out and connect with Nature, we begin to see that the Universe has a very big plan for us, our real job here is to find out what that is.

When stop and look with the eyes of the heart, we gain insight, we start to see how the small things work together to produce very spectacular results.

Nature, together in harmony, shows us the way, again.

Click on the link and follow the centering exercise to put you in the best place for contemplating the picture below.

Gaze without words to distract.  Finish with the awareness exercise under the picture, repeat it throughout the day.  Take it with you.

Stop and listen for the big plan, today

About walkwithjoy

passionate about Nature, stillness, contemplation, taking pictures and sharing that passion with the world
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