day 3 year 2

The digital display at the bus stop tells us the bad news,  a twenty-five minute wait brings audible frustration from the morning queue.  We have a choice, to let the inefficient transport system ruin our day, or find something positive to do with the time.

Nature is always there to engage with and as we do, we leave behind the negativity of wasted time and find a space where the new and the familiar delight.  We have the time, we are not going anywhere at the moment.

A tangle of hedgerow doesn’t automatically excite and yet as we focus we start to really see.  Last year stems provide stability for the new shoots twisting tightly around on their journey out of the darkness.  If we didn’t know better, we could swear they were actually moving right before our eyes.

Such is the delight of the ordinary.

Click on the link and follow the centering exercise to put you in the best place for contemplating the picture below.

Gaze without words to distract.  Finish with the awareness exercise under the picture, repeat it throughout the day.  Take it with you.

Take any opportunity to explore Nature, today

About walkwithjoy

passionate about Nature, stillness, contemplation, taking pictures and sharing that passion with the world
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