day 68 yr 2

When we are lost in our heads replaying yesterday’s tape or fretting about tomorrow’s plans, there is no space for now, no time to fully appreciate this moment.  We are on the conveyor belt of life and have already missed what just passed us by.

It soon becomes a worrying blur.

When we make a point of stopping to look, with no agenda, our awareness expands and we begin a very different journey.

We remember the rustle of leaves, a shadow on the pavement, we recognise different birdsong and delight in how Nature can transform our lives.

Click on the link and follow the centering exercise to put you in the best place for contemplating the picture below.

Gaze without words to distract.  Finish with the awareness exercise under the picture, repeat it throughout the day.  Take it with you.

Delight in the now, today

About walkwithjoy

passionate about Nature, stillness, contemplation, taking pictures and sharing that passion with the world
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