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  1. sue style says:

    Hi Joy
    So good to meet you last week. I had a look at the blog – it’s quite beautiful, both text and pictures. I’ve forwarded the link to my daughter in Spain who’s going to love it too.

    Take care, keep on looking over that wall


    • walkwithjoy says:

      Hi Sue

      Great to meet you too and thanks for taking the time to look and get back to me.

      The more people who fall in love with Nature, the more joy we can spread around the world.

      Keep in touch,

  2. ashling dinneen says:

    Hey Joy,

    How are you? Still think of you all the time. Phoned your home a few times in the past few weeks but no answer.

    its ash, dont know how this works or if only you view it so just to say the website looks great.

    doing ok here and send you a big hug,

    ash xxxx

  3. Jane says:

    I was recommended your blog by a friend and having followed it for a couple of days, just wanted to say thank you for some wonderful spring photography and reflective thoughts – you bring the countryside to my desk during the week, when I cannot get out and see, smell and feel it for myself. Thank you.
    kind regards


  4. Nancy R. says:

    Hi Joy,
    It was lovely to meet you when I was in London a couple of weeks ago. I am back home now and have been able to enjoy your extraordinary website and mission as I workto meet my academic deadlines and to follow up on the discussions I had in London about my play.
    There really are no coincidences–your work will be companion part of my life now. Oh, and I took your advice and went to a LOT theatre on my own.
    An extra-special and lovely spring to you. Look forward to keeping in touch and to reconnecting when I make a return visit to my old childhood home of London.

    • walkwithjoy says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Great to hear you and I’m so pleased you are enjoying walk with joy, synchronicity and serendipity at work here – I look forward to sharing a passion for connecting with Nature and learning to be who we truly are.

  5. Jacques (in Kent for this one!) says:

    Dear Joy,

    Please see the link which is the only thing I have ever uploaded to Youtube which I took on my Blackberry iphone which I didn’t realise was HD ! It amazed me so much to get that close to nature. I wish I knew how to turn off my silly comments , spoken in a squeaky little boy voice! Also, the sad plastic shoes and socks! I took it a few Sundays ago in the woods in my (ex-)garden

    Anyway, I know it isn’t quite your theme but ‘stills’ from it might have been !

    PS. Ignore my YouTube profile : it is designed so that my daughters don’t recognise me !

  6. raymond e. sauerbrey says:

    Hi Joy, Kate and I are back in NY and are loving your site. So glad to have the opportunity to meet you on our visit to london and so glad you are doing this.
    all the best

    • walkwithjoy says:

      Hi Ray,

      Thankyou so much, I’m thrilled to hear that, to feel the connection, to know that you are there and we are all in this together. Love to you both and do let me know if you are ever coming back to London.

      Joy x

  7. Rosie B says:

    Greetings, Joy
    This is just a huge thank you to you for sending out such beautiful images, and such insightful comments, every day. I have especially appreciated them during our long winter (and, now, long cold spring) months. Love, Rosie

    • walkwithjoy says:

      Dear Rosie,

      A big thank you to you – what a delight it is to hear when friends say what we do makes a difference to their day – that is all I need. I pray that it continues. Love, Joy

  8. Ac says:

    Hi Joy my name is Ac, we had an encounter today on the train. it is so funny how people come into other people’s lives. Anyway thank you so much for the advice you gave me, it was great to meet you. Hopefully we will talk soon.:) Ac.

    • walkwithjoy says:

      Hi Ac,

      Some say there are no coincidence in life, its all in the Universal plan….. an auspicious moment. Thank you for coming back to me – if I can help with your project, let me know,

      All the best, Joy

      • Ac says:

        Hi Joy , thank you so much that would be really great as it would help a great deal.

        Talk soon.

  9. aileen says:

    just beautiful today joy x

  10. Emma Louise Lane says:

    Dear Joy, thank you so much for providing the ‘Walk with Joy’ community (and beyond) with your wonderful images and words EVERY day! I would like to congratulate the fact that you’re now entering the third year of this beautiful project – and congratulate YOU JOY for making it happen; it illustrates your passion, commitment and dedication, YOU SHOULD BE VERY, VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF! THANK YOU!
    With very bestest wishes,
    Emma x

    • walkwithjoy says:

      Dear Emma,

      I am so touched by your response to walk with joy, it’s great knowing there is a community out there who allow me to share what I experience daily. It enriches my life hugely. Thank you for your encouragement and support too. Love Joy x

  11. The Man Who Would Be Dude says:

    Dude! Rock on!

  12. lizschuldt says:

    Hi Joy – Is there a way to contact you via email? I have a question about your blog. Thank you :-).

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